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Anna Maria Fusaro is painting pictures. Recently she made a side trip and painted with moving pictures one of her first video works: Pilgrimage to Eternity – Mieszko Strzelczyk in Mysterious Wrocław (IN POLISH)
Mieszko Strzelczyk guides us through the center of Wrocław and shows us what we may have looked over a hundred times but have never really noticed. The past becomes alive through stories about what was and has left its traces in the bricks and buildings of the old town of Wrocław.

Narration and guiding: Mieszko Strzelczyk
Directing, videography, and editing: Anna Maria Fusaro
Audio recording: Maria Magdalena Akutko

The narration is based on Mieszko Strzelczyk's scholarly work entitled "The symbolic pilgrimage through the 'gate of death' and to salvation at the St. Elizabeth's Church in Wrocław" published in the book "Knights and Pilgrims in the European Tradition".

"Souvenir de Florence, Op. 70", Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, performed by U.S the. Army Band (public domain,
"Unus ex discipulis meis", Tomás Luis de Victoria, unknown interpreter (public domain,

Photo and prints:
Cage of shame in w Levoča (Slovakia)
The Big Scale of Wrocław, artist: H. Mutzel
The west front of the market square and the Big Scale (1770-1850)
St. Elizabeth's Church, Wrocław, artist: Johann Poppel
Source: Wikimedia Commons, public domain