Anna Maria Fusaro

Oktober 11, 2016

“Earlier this year a friend and I stumbled into your exhibition in Zurich. It was a cold and wintry night and the light which guided us into your exhibition was warm and inviting.

I was captivated by your paintings – intrigued by the imagery – enthralled by the colours – transfixed by the mystical…

Over the years I have been fortunate to visit many different art galleries and exhibitions – but yours really spoke to my heart and soul. It reached in deep to my inner child and made me believe again in the magic of life. (...)

At the moment, I am re-launching my coaching business online and my passion is to share light and energy with others to inspire them in their lives… so this particular painting “Blow” is so appropriate, as I wish to “blow” healing energy into the world…

Thank you, Danke… and I hope that one day I will visit another one of your exhibitions and purchase yet another of your wonderful paintings. (...)”

Janet Groom

March 17, 2013

It touched my heart when I read your words (in the catalogue). I find it so great, when people already at such a young age decide to integrate spirituality into their lives. To see the divine power of creation expressed in such beautiful paintings is a real joy!

Claudia S. from Switzerland

(Translated from the German language)

May 5, 2013

I would like to present somehow decently what is currently happening on the walls of the cultural center (in Trzebnica), but ... I can´t paint this sparkling abundance with words. Some magic moved in there, rooted in the most moving fairy tales. Fabulous and mysterious figures speak with spells of symbols, colors, shadow, light and philosophically call on to bravely look into oneself — maybe there are some real wonders hidden?
Usually I have a hard time to stop dwelling on something that touched and surprised me, but this time it took my breath away for good. The words got stocked in a swamp of impotence – but the eyes are dancing lightly and greedily, jumping from painting to painting. One wishes that just from watching the soul could change color and take in just somewhat magic. To see the world through such a prism — it is priceless.

Anna Jełłaczyc

(Translated from the article of Anna Jełłaczyc from Poland