In the beginning there was God’s desire for creation. The Big Creator made the whole universe as an image of Himself. He created also man to have a place to rest. Guess what man realizes waking up from the dream...


About Anna Maria Fusaro

Anna Maria Fusaro was born in 1988 in Munich, Germany. Already as a child she was dreaming about becoming a painter. In autumn 1997 she moved to Wrocław, Poland, where she attended private lessons with a professional painting teacher and went to an art school which she graduated in 2008. Subsequently she studied for three years at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy, that she completed in December 2013. Since 2006 Anna Maria Fusaro had more than twenty exhibitions in Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria and the Netherlands. Art lovers from all around the world are enthused by her work and own her paintings. Her coauthored adventure novel “Chooquatacka” was published in 2010 on the German and in 2020 on the Polish book market for which she designed the covers as well. The artist dedicates herself to her impressionistic and symbolistic style. Her paintings distinguish a strong panache and the way she uses color pours into her work a life of its own and thus makes it unique. Anna Maria Fusaro is convinced, that the artist is a visionary of the future. She believes that art carries a cultural and ethical responsibility communicating ideals like beauty and truth. That's why she strives to inspire people, move them emotionally, and convey values with her art.

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